Friday, 7 October 2011

semakin nk exam..semakin penat:(


ok today is the true day..I want to tell..that I'm feel so tired..tired wif everythings..tired to have a friends yg suka main main..tired to have a friend..yg selalu slh faham..tired to have a friend yg selalu terasa..tired to have a friends yg selalu menyakitkan hati..huhhh..but I don't like to think about it just right now..for this time..I really want to only think about exam..I want to tired wif exam only..plzz...understand all the way I'm...have a headache..ohhh..damn it....forget for everythings..come on..exam fever..exam time....come on...SEMANGAT...mana semangat..mana semangat..where are u..ok..I WILL RUN TO HAVE U!!!!!!

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