Friday, 14 March 2014

Jika Aku Jatuh Cinta .. puisi sayyid qutub


jika aku jatuh cinta, cintakanlah aku pada seseorang yamg melabuhkan cintanya kepadaMU, agar bertambah kekuatanku untuk mencintaiMU..
jika aku jatuh cinta, izinkanlah aku menyentuh hati seseorang yang hatinya bertaut padaMU, agar tidak terjatuh aku dalam jurang cinta nafsu..
jika aku jatuh cinta jagalah hatiku padanya agar tidak berpaling daripada hatiMU..
jika aku rindu, rindukanlah aku pada seseorang yang merindui syahid di jalanMU.
jika aku menikmati cinta kekasihMU, janganlah kenikmatan itu melebihi kenikmatan indahnya bermunajat di sepertiga malam terakhirMU.. 
jika aku jatuh hati pada kekasih-mu, jangan biarkan aku tertatih dan terjatuh dalam perjalanan panjang menyeru manusia kepada-Mu
jika Kau halalkan aku merindui kekasih-Mu, jangan biarkan aku melupakan aku pada cinta hakiki dan rindu abadi Hanya kepada-Mu
Engkau mengetahui bahwa hati-hati ini telah berhimpun dalam cinta pada-Mu, telah berjumpa
 dalam taat pada-Mu, telah bersatu dalam dakwah pada-Mu, Telah berpadu dalam membela syari’at –Mu. Kukuhkanlah Ya Allah ikatanya, kekalkanlah cintanya.
 Tunjukilah jalan-jalannya. Penuhilah hati-hati ini
 Dengan Nur-Mu yang tiada pernah padam.
 Lapangkanlah dada-dada kami dengan limpahan
 Keimanan kepada-Mu dan keindahan bertawakal di jalan-Mu……


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Thursday, 12 September 2013

Assalamualaikum n keep calm :)

In life we just a human that sometimes makes a mistake.. but in other case we must to forgive people even it hard for us,,  we must to learn how to forget n forgive,, being an egoistic person will make stress in ourself,,

I'm agree that forgive people is not easy,,but I'm tired of trying..I try to forgive n forget ,,but I can't because everytime I'm give her a chance without she realise it,, but why,,she still make me cry,,she still make my heart hurt,, I'm tired to face the same thing,,, I always wait for her but she always leave me alone,, she not realise,,she happy without know that I'm sad,, how she talk with me sometime make me want to cry,,but I'm just be a fake person to smile,, I think the world laugh at me now, but I'm still smile  to the world,, I almost feel the star at the sky know that I'm sad,,they know I'm not strong,,the star had been my friend even they can't talk,,when the star lose ..I feel they hate to see my tears every night .. every night I'm count them ,, they are more,, and I feel I had more friend to see my tears and count how much it drop :')

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Sunday, 14 April 2013


Assalamualaikum and peace :)

rainy cold !! but Alhamdulillah it is a rain mercy from ALLAH :)
because before this, we had been a wheather that very hot and make more people uncomfortable to do their work..but we must to think,people can't withstand hot in the about in the hell??.. the place for person that make more sins than reward.. we must to think and feel.. that's not to late to change our self !! ALLAH always accept our,, we must to fix ourselves...

Mmmm,, of course it feel very cold and I don't know how feel snow season at another country.. huhu,, learning in my class make me more relax,, and very comfortable...

the funniest thing,,hahhaha,,,I had bring an umbrella... the story is.. at the time my friends and I on the way to down the stairs..two boys want to fight with me using umbrella,,hahaha,,and I just make like I don't know anything,,they are very crazy because make my friend shocked.. all their classmate laughing at us.. we don't feel shy because that not our false,, the boys must to feel shy because they try to disturb girl's student but we don't give respon even a bit of smile,, also not make me happy because I can happy if I'm with my bestfriend... aesya,sarah,aimi,epa,alia,jue and ain..only them know how to give me respon when I talking,,I'm bored when I tell something to a people,,and the people just smile,laugh n blurrr.. hmmm,, people is diffrence ..not same !!!..but my bestfriend same,,not difference..            MISS THEM A LOT and SARANGHAE aesya, sarah, aimi, epa, jue, alia and ain.. hope you all happy and not akward with me.. a big hug for all of you ..^__^

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Saturday, 13 April 2013



I'm back..huhu,,actually I want to share with all students how to be a successful students..I had read it in newspaper, magazine n, I collect and combine it, I want to share with you and we can success together :)

DON'T WORRY!!!! we can try to practise slowly and I believe we can ....


1. . . . are responsible and active.

2. . . . have educational goals.

3. . . . always ask questions.

4. . . . learn that a student and a professor make a team.

5. . . . don't sit in the back.

6. . . . take good notes.

7. . . . understand that actions affect learning.

8. . . . talk about what they're learning.

9. . . . don't cram for exams.
10. . . . are good time managers.

The "A" Student - An Outstanding Student

ATTENDANCE: "A" students have virtually perfect attendance. Their commitment to the class is a high priority and exceeds other temptations.

PREPARATION: "A" students are prepared for class. They always read the assignment. Their attention to detail is such that they occasionally can elaborate on class examples.

CURIOSITY: "A" students demonstrate interest in the class and the subject. They look up or dig out what they don't understand. They often ask interesting questions or make thoughtful comments.

RETENTION: "A" students have retentive minds and practice making retentive connections. They are able to connect past learning with the present. They bring a background of knowledge with them to their classes. They focus on learning concepts rather than memorizing details.

"A" students have a winning attitude. They have both the determination and the self-discipline necessary for success. They show initiative. They do things they have not been told to do.

TALENT: "A" students demonstrate a special talent. It may be exceptional intelligence and insight. It may be unusual creativity, organizational skills, commitment - or a some combination. These gifts are evident to the teacher and usually to the other students as well.

EFFORT: "A" students match their effort to the demands of an assignment.

COMMUNICATIONS: "A" students place a high priority on writing and speaking in a manner that conveys clarity and thoughtful organization. Attention is paid to conciseness and completeness.
RESULTS: "A" students make high grades on tests - usually the highest in the class. Their work is a pleasure to grade.

that's all I can share with you,,so tired writing,,hehe..but,,it's ok because it it for our success..let's practise it together..if you all have some strategies how to be a success student and some effective learning,,,PLEASE!!! share with me too :)


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Friday, 12 April 2013

be the best for the best

Be the best for the best !!

Assalamualaikum bloggers...

First of all.. thanks a lot to all of you that always read my entry. hope you all not bored..and I'm very sorry..once again,,I said I had a bad please,,don't laugh when you read it,, because now I want to improve my engglish knowledge to make me more easy to stand in University after SPM next year,,INSHAALAH .. hope I will got good result and make my parents, teachers and my bestfriend proud with me..

yes!! be the best for the best,, I had promise with my own self that I want to study hard, study smart ..and this is for my future,, I had to learn from my mistake, not make the mistake is the things to make me fail in my life... I had to strugle,,because when I always try and and do..yess,,, I will get something that I never get...

when the people said I can't do it.. I will show you that is not TRUE.. maybe I'm silent.. because I can't show you right now,,but INSHAALLAH.. one day you will know that the things you said is false.. and it will make me happy because I can get something that people said I can't...

Ya ALLAH I know You always be there for me,,I believe you can help me to open my eyes and my heart.. I believe with ALLAH :)

Every people can success if they are not give up. when you fail,,you must to wake up..make your dream comes true.. believe with your self,,if you feel hard because you is a people that from poor family..pleaseee not to be like that..does not make it a reason..every people can success,, our success or fail is in our's up to you, you want to wake up or's yours..but you must to see the world,,see the eyes of person that you want to make them cry because you fail or you want to make them cry happily because of your success..


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Thursday, 11 April 2013




I thinks it very long time I had not written in this blog.. I'm prefer to write in engglish because actually I want to add my fluency ..I'm very sorry if I had a bad grammar,,yes..honestly my grammar is not good,,but I will try and practice harder to make it excellent,,INSHAALAH...

back to  the title....

I don't know why,, now everday I feel I'm alone,,I just walk in my own feet to make me happy,, before this year..I had many bestfriend... and they always comfort me when I'm sad, in trouble,,and always make my day more better than yesterday.. now..honestly I'm alone when I far with them,, huhu,,now my tears is streaming.. I MISS them a lot,, if I can restore the past,,I can be a happiest person in this world.. but it just be a fondest memories,,thank ALLAH because You give me best buddy like them...



I'm silent doesn't always mean YES!!..Sometimes it means I'm tired of explaining to people who don't understand me.. yes,,I'm very tired..

I know sometimes the beggining start with try again... Ya ALLAH ,, please give me more patience, please make me a responsible person to execute responsibilities as a islamic people..

to be a success person is very hard..but, if you strugle n always maintain your relationship with ALLAH, parents, sibling,teachers n friend.INSHAALLAH the glory is yours.. study hard. study smart...


                                                    NURUL ANISHA BINTI AB.HALIM

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Saturday, 5 January 2013

Assalamualaikum dan selamat malam...semoga anda ceria selalu..

mlm nie,,just nk cerita la sikit ttg apa yg berlaku sepanjang sy melawat mangsa banjir di pasir mas negeri kelantan kelmarin..actually rasa gembira la jgk sbb diberi peluang sbg kontijen pandu puteri wakil SMK ISMAIL PETRA utk membuat amal jariah di awl2 thun nie,,

Alhamdulillah semuanya berjalan lancar dan penduduk di sana juga menyambut kedatangan kami dgn baik dan penuh kegembiraan terserlah di wajah mereka..syukur kpd ALLAH krn bencana banjir yg dialami mereka di sana semakin membaik,,kami berada di sana dr pg smpai lah petang dlm jam 6:30 bru kami  bertolak balik ke KB ..syukur jugalah perjalanan pergi dan balik lancar..

mak cik2 dkt sana sgtlah baik,,dan akhir sekali,,kami memohon maaf jika ada kesalahan,terkasar bahasa sepanjang kami berada di sana..sesungguhnya,,yg baik itu dtg drpd ALLAH S.W.T dan yg buruk itu dtg dr diri kami sendiri...semoga keadaan di sana kembali pulih sedia kala..amin..IN SHAA ALLAH ..kita akan berjumpa lg di masa akan dtg..amin..

~hrp dpt lg la sy mengikuti program sebegini..sesungguhnya sy membantu warga penduduk di sana krn ALLAH S.W.T :)

wakil kontijen pandu puteri SMK ISMAIL PETRA 2013,,
....Nurul Anisha Binti Ab.Halim...

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