Monday, 7 November 2011

I'm happy wif them:)


have a good friends is the best things that I have..they always be a honest, caring n loving..n treat their each other wif a big heart..I love them wif my big heart :)

sarah wif a big heart always give me an advised:)
 efa always join what we have done:)
three preety friend wif good looking smily:)
teacher that always smile wif her peace:p
cute friend that I ever seen:)
two friends wif a beautiful n caring teacher that I love so much <3<3<3
this girl always close her face when snap a picture..
this girls wif many style:)
I'm wif yuhanis..a girs that always relax when doing somethings:)
one day,,trip to KB mall wif happy ..yue snap this one:)
aira wif shy face..wekk:p
snap a picture..when teacher is *bobe*at the hall..hehe:)
zoo treat well:)
me wif penyu_aira yg over happy..hehe:p
yue wif her pretty smile I never seen:)

~the end~ 



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