Friday, 12 April 2013

be the best for the best

Be the best for the best !!

Assalamualaikum bloggers...

First of all.. thanks a lot to all of you that always read my entry. hope you all not bored..and I'm very sorry..once again,,I said I had a bad please,,don't laugh when you read it,, because now I want to improve my engglish knowledge to make me more easy to stand in University after SPM next year,,INSHAALAH .. hope I will got good result and make my parents, teachers and my bestfriend proud with me..

yes!! be the best for the best,, I had promise with my own self that I want to study hard, study smart ..and this is for my future,, I had to learn from my mistake, not make the mistake is the things to make me fail in my life... I had to strugle,,because when I always try and and do..yess,,, I will get something that I never get...

when the people said I can't do it.. I will show you that is not TRUE.. maybe I'm silent.. because I can't show you right now,,but INSHAALLAH.. one day you will know that the things you said is false.. and it will make me happy because I can get something that people said I can't...

Ya ALLAH I know You always be there for me,,I believe you can help me to open my eyes and my heart.. I believe with ALLAH :)

Every people can success if they are not give up. when you fail,,you must to wake up..make your dream comes true.. believe with your self,,if you feel hard because you is a people that from poor family..pleaseee not to be like that..does not make it a reason..every people can success,, our success or fail is in our's up to you, you want to wake up or's yours..but you must to see the world,,see the eyes of person that you want to make them cry because you fail or you want to make them cry happily because of your success..


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