Saturday, 13 April 2013



I'm back..huhu,,actually I want to share with all students how to be a successful students..I had read it in newspaper, magazine n, I collect and combine it, I want to share with you and we can success together :)

DON'T WORRY!!!! we can try to practise slowly and I believe we can ....


1. . . . are responsible and active.

2. . . . have educational goals.

3. . . . always ask questions.

4. . . . learn that a student and a professor make a team.

5. . . . don't sit in the back.

6. . . . take good notes.

7. . . . understand that actions affect learning.

8. . . . talk about what they're learning.

9. . . . don't cram for exams.
10. . . . are good time managers.

The "A" Student - An Outstanding Student

ATTENDANCE: "A" students have virtually perfect attendance. Their commitment to the class is a high priority and exceeds other temptations.

PREPARATION: "A" students are prepared for class. They always read the assignment. Their attention to detail is such that they occasionally can elaborate on class examples.

CURIOSITY: "A" students demonstrate interest in the class and the subject. They look up or dig out what they don't understand. They often ask interesting questions or make thoughtful comments.

RETENTION: "A" students have retentive minds and practice making retentive connections. They are able to connect past learning with the present. They bring a background of knowledge with them to their classes. They focus on learning concepts rather than memorizing details.

"A" students have a winning attitude. They have both the determination and the self-discipline necessary for success. They show initiative. They do things they have not been told to do.

TALENT: "A" students demonstrate a special talent. It may be exceptional intelligence and insight. It may be unusual creativity, organizational skills, commitment - or a some combination. These gifts are evident to the teacher and usually to the other students as well.

EFFORT: "A" students match their effort to the demands of an assignment.

COMMUNICATIONS: "A" students place a high priority on writing and speaking in a manner that conveys clarity and thoughtful organization. Attention is paid to conciseness and completeness.
RESULTS: "A" students make high grades on tests - usually the highest in the class. Their work is a pleasure to grade.

that's all I can share with you,,so tired writing,,hehe..but,,it's ok because it it for our success..let's practise it together..if you all have some strategies how to be a success student and some effective learning,,,PLEASE!!! share with me too :)


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