Thursday, 12 September 2013

Assalamualaikum n keep calm :)

In life we just a human that sometimes makes a mistake.. but in other case we must to forgive people even it hard for us,,  we must to learn how to forget n forgive,, being an egoistic person will make stress in ourself,,

I'm agree that forgive people is not easy,,but I'm tired of trying..I try to forgive n forget ,,but I can't because everytime I'm give her a chance without she realise it,, but why,,she still make me cry,,she still make my heart hurt,, I'm tired to face the same thing,,, I always wait for her but she always leave me alone,, she not realise,,she happy without know that I'm sad,, how she talk with me sometime make me want to cry,,but I'm just be a fake person to smile,, I think the world laugh at me now, but I'm still smile  to the world,, I almost feel the star at the sky know that I'm sad,,they know I'm not strong,,the star had been my friend even they can't talk,,when the star lose ..I feel they hate to see my tears every night .. every night I'm count them ,, they are more,, and I feel I had more friend to see my tears and count how much it drop :')

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